Dual Career Service

The Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena recognizes that employment decisions often involve two careers. While opportunities in research and a corresponding infrastructure certainly influence researchers' choice of university, for a growing number of graduates the professional opportunities and employment needs of their spouses/partners and future prospects for their families are also an important consideration.

The maintenance and improvement of a family-friendly professional infrastructure is a central part of the mission statement of the Friedrich-Schiller-University ─ the main focus is on creating equal opportunities. The Dual Career Service of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena constitutes a part of an integrated family-oriented concept for personnel recruitment. We intend to be the first choice family-friendly employer in Jena, where not only the employees themselves but also their families feel comfortable and receive the support they need, especially when moving to Jena.

The Dual Career activities of the university are primarily directed at professors and their partners during the period of application. In accordance with its recommendations for action during appointment procedures, the Friedrich Schiller University presents this offer during the time of the appointment procedures itself.

The Dual Career Service offers individual counselling to support Dual Career couples in their professional development but also in other family-related matters. We provide individual assistance in finding employment in Jena or the region, help in preparing for the job search or identifying professional goals as well as any valuable resources that might help the partner to find appropriate employment.

The Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena is a founding member of the Dual Career Network of Thuringia with close collaborative ties to the municipal authority, non-university research institutes, regional authorities, as well as local businesses, other universities in Thuringia and its partner universities in Halle and Leipzig. Some of the Dual Career Services available through the University are: providing a network of contacts, information about potential employers in the region to assess the job market, review of curriculum vitae, resumes and cover letters, advice on funding opportunities for scientists and on professional training opportunities.

Although the University cannot guarantee employment, it does seek to provide the partner with the tools and services to access resources for an effective job search. It is still the task of the applicant to convince potential employers of their professional skills. Of course, for public service employers the principle of best choice applies. However, employment of both partners within the same organisational unit at the university, especially in a direct chain of subordination, is not considered a desirable solution.

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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena is a member of the Dual Career Network Germany (DCNG) and of the Dual Career Network in Central Germany. Furthermore, we are a founding member of the Dual Career Network of Thuringia.

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Dual Career Network Thuringia
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At the Family Office of Friedrich Schiller University you will find help for all family related topics, from caring for family members to parental leave and exemption of health insurance co-payments. In addition to this offers you can get help from the social counselling service (for students) and the flexible child care.

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