Housing subsidies

Housing subsidies ("Wohngeld"), benefits in accordance with the Social Security Code (SGB II): If due to maternity leave or child care you are unable to pursue your studies and are on corresponding university leave for the same reasons, you are theoretically entitled to state social benefits in accordance with the Social Security Code (SGB II). Contact: Jenarbeit. In accordance with the Social Security Code (SGB II), the benefits thereby include: standard unemployment benefits (ALG II) for daily requirements (food, clothing etc.), taking over of accommodation and heating costs, taking over of health insurance fees if the family-policy is no longer valid. Under aged children are entitled to their own benefits. As a member of a so-called household-sharing community ("Bedarfsgemeinschaft") with the guardian, they receive equal social benefits. Parents who are not entitled to social benefits, can in accordance thereby still claim benefits for their child(ren). Higher needs are also subsidised. Such grants may be applied for, for example, by enrolled female students who would normally be studying. Acknowledgement of higher needs: for pregnant women from the 13th week of pregnancy amounting to 17% of the applicable standard benefits per child, higher needs for single parents amounting to 36% of the applicable standard benefits if the child is under seven years of age, if two children are under the age of 16 or from the third child onwards an amount totalling 12% of applicable standard benefits per child, higher needs due to costly special diets. Special needs arising from the birth of a child (such as: initial outfitting of maternity clothing and the child's layette), may be applied for as a one-off payment.

The possibility of using a housing subsidy as a rent rebate depends on the number of family members, the total income and the amount of the eligible rent. Non-eligible applicants: recipients of unemployment benefits (ALG II)/social welfare benefits. Recipients of Social Security Code (SGB XII) benefits, students receiving BaföG.

Students can, however, claim a housing subsidy, if they are entitled to BaföG and have a child but do not receive BaföG or unemployment benefits (ALG II). The following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • permanent residence at the study location,
  • your own household,
  • no financial support from parents,
  • credible income

Important to know: if your child receives social welfare benefits, he/she is not eligible for a housing subsidy; you can, however, apply for a housing subsidy yourself. The monetary support is then granted only from the beginning of the month onwards, by the housing subsidy office where the application was accepted. Generally, the grant is then effective for one year.


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