Single parent

As a single parent you also receive parenting benefits for 14 months, if:

  • you have sole custody and the sole right to determine the place of residence,
  • you and the child live in the same apartment without the other parent,
  • or through childbirth a possible earned income is decreased.

After maternity leave you may take parental leave if you have secondary employment. Both the mother and father are entitled to this. You are entitled to take parental leave up to the third year of the child's life. This said, a measure of time up to one year may be transferred and used, up to the eighth year of the child's life. Whilst taking parental leave, a maximum of 30 hours a week are allowed to be worked in part-time employment.


At the Family Office of Friedrich Schiller University you will find help for all family related topics, from caring for family members to parental leave and exemption of health insurance co-payments. In addition to this offers you can get help from the social counselling service (for students) and the flexible child care.

University Family Office "JUniFamilie"
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07743 Jena
Phone:0049 3641-9-31025
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Office Hours
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